Traffic Circle

The McKenzie Towne roundabout was installed in 1998. The roundabout consists of multi-lanes and has five access and exit points.

Unsure of how to use a traffic circle?

The AMA has created a great video on how to drive safely in a traffic circle:

Q: Can we possibly reduce McKenzie Towne from a 50km/hr zone to 40km/hr?

A: Excerpt from an e-mail from Liveable Streets Division : “There currently is no process in place that would allow for a community-wide or even road specific reduction of speed limit from 50 to 40.  Un-posted speed limits are established by the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, and our residential road design standards have been developed using 50km/h as the design speed which influences many design criteria including corner radius, visibility triangles, allowable roadway curves and grades (slopes). Apart from any specific locations where the road fails to meet the established criteria, most residential roads are quite comfortably driven at or near the posted speed limit and achieving a reduction in travel speeds via a lower speed limit would be difficult unless supported by additional calming measures at community gateways, broad education/outreach, and significant and sustained enforcement. There have been some discussions with respect to the Pedestrian Strategy potentially recommending a program to pilot a change of this type, but the requirements (policy, funding, engagement, etc.) have not been determined and the development of the strategy has not advanced to the point that I can confirm if this program will be one of the recommended actions. Another avenue under consideration is a blanket reduction to 40km/h in residential areas, via a change in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act or a new legal mechanism arising from the City Charter initiative.”

As per information received September 2015 the McKenzie Towne Council is also looking into this change.

The Community Association is wondering if the majority of residents feel that the speed limit is fine where it is and no changes are required?

Q: Can we put speed bumps in certain locations in McKenzie Towne?

A:  The answer that we have been given by anyone the CA have asked is a general no. The reason is that city emergency vehicles such as fire, police and ambulance need to be able to get through without having to slow down.