HOA / MTC fees

If you are a lawyer or real estate agent looking for the HOA or Residents fees for a house in McKenzie Towne and you have a question like the following:

I was hoping I would be able to find out what the HOA fees are for 456 Mckenzie Towne Rue SE.  I am selling this house for my client and she is not exactly sure what they are.
We are representing the vendors for the sale of the above noted property, kindly please confirm the HOA fees.
I’m the listing realtor of 456 McKenzie Towne Rue SE and would like to confirm the yearly HOA fee for this property.

Please contact gm@mtcouncil.com for the answer to this question.

While we would love to take your money for Residents fees,  the Community Association is a volunteer run organization that is your link to the City of Calgary.  The McKenzie Towne Council is the organization that charges those fees for the work they do in the community.


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