2016 Storm Pond Assessments

2016 Storm Pond Assessments in McKenzie Towne 

Calgary’s storm ponds play an important role in the health of our rivers. Storm ponds collect water from various sources such as catch basins, ground water, rain and snow, and filter the sand, dirt, silt and other sediments before the water leaves and returns to our rivers and streams. To maintain the health of our storm ponds, The City of Calgary is assessing the current conditions of several ponds around the city.

From the beginning of August to the end of September, City of Calgary employees and contractors will be working in the storm pond and directly surrounding the area located at 346R Inverness Park S.E. and 30R McKenzie Towne Boulevard in McKenzie Towne.

For more information about The City of Calgary’s storm pond assessment program, please visit www.calgary.ca or contact 311.

2016 Storm Pond Assessments

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